Company history

Since its inception over 50 years ago, BinDawood has grown from a small trading business to one of the leading retailers in Saudi Arabia. The Group’s success story of becoming one of the largest retailers in Saudi Arabia has been driven by constant innovation and commitment to building long-term relationships with suppliers, partners and customers.


First superstore opens

The first BinDawood superstore opens in Makkah in Western Saudi Arabia.


Danube acquisition

The BinDawood group acquires Saudi Arabian supermarket chain Danube Co. Ltd.


Our geographical presence counts 20 stores

By the year 2000, BinDawood and Danube had expanded their geographical presence to operate 20 stores across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



First time Danube goes online

The BinDawood group became one of the region’s retail innovators by entering into the e-commerce space for the first time with the Beta version of the Danube App.


Partnership with Investcorp

Investcorp, a global provider and manager of alternative investment products acquires a minority stake in the BinDawood group.


Launch of Danube App and e-commerce platform

The MENA region’s biggest online grocery and shopping application, the Danube App and e-commerce platform is hosted on