Executive Chairman’s Message

Creating a new future for retail in Saudi Arabia

Throughout the history of the BinDawood Group, we have worked hard to make possibilities become reality by finding new ways to deliver unique products to our customers and value for our partners.

Our growth over four decades to become one of Saudi Arabia’s leading retail groups has been achieved through an unwavering focus on quality, customised and outstanding service and product innovation.

Our success has been built on the foundation of the needs and demands of our customers. Through a dedication to developing a deep understanding of our customer base, we have been able to identify and create retail experiences that are unique to them. We bring the products that our customers want from around the world to them. Our success is rewarded by long-term and deep relationships with our customers.

Today, we have a clear vision: to build the number 1 retail business in the region. We are continuing on our journey of transformation – introducing new innovative technologies, expanding our portfolio of stores, customising and personalising the customer experiences we offer. We seek to bring the out-of-the-ordinary experience to our customers, every day.

Dr. Abdulrazzaq BinDawood

Executive Chairman of the Board